-Characterstics of a medical blogger-

15 Oct

Examining the Medical Blogosphere: An Online Survey of Medical Bloggers | Kovic | Journal of Medical Internet Research
Blogs are the major contributors to the
large increase of new websites created each year. Most blogs allow
readers to leave comments and, in this way, generate both conversation
and encourage collaboration. Despite their popularity, however, little
is known about blogs or their creators.
This was a study on 197 medical bloggers, their backgrounds, blogging habits, reasons for blogging, etc.
Majority of medical bloggers were highly educated, white, American males, between the ages of 30 and 49 years.Almost half of them had a personal website before they started blogging. Most had been blogging for more than two years. More males offered news via RSS than female bloggers.

Major motivations for blogging were sharing practical knowledge or skills with others, influencing the way other people think, and expressing oneself creatively. Making money and staying in touch with friends and family were not reasons to blog for a majority of the participants.
All in all, a very informative study.
Read it here.
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