Top 9 e-quipped Hospitals in India

03 Aug


The Cybermetrics Lab recently published their world ranking of hospitals, taking into account the instituion”s activities in field of e-knowledge and their use of digital media for communications.

Supporting Open Access initiatives, electronic access to scientific publications and to other academic material are our primary targets…The Web covers not only only formal (e-journals, repositories) but also informal scholarly communication.

The Web indicators measure electronic contents, especially those used for scholarly communication, but also basic information about the hospital, its organization, services and personnel. The rank takes into account both the volume of information published and the impact or visibility of such contents measured by the number of external links the web pages receive from others. As expected, about 45 % of top 200 and 38% of top 1000 hospitals are situated in North America.

The Laparoscopy hospital at N.Delhi is the only Indian hospital to figure in the top 100 hospitals from Asia ( 47/100, Asia), and also the only Indian hospital in top 500 worldwide. Amongst the others, Sir Gangaram hospital scores much better than Apollo and Tata Memorial.

L.R.S Institute of Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases records a very enviable world rank of 19, in number of papers and citations visible on Google Scholar., a noteworthy list headed by The Institute of Cancer Research, London.
Below is the list of 9 hospitals from India in the first 2000 worldwide , and their world rankings ( as per Cybermetrics Lab).



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