Twenty rules of engagement in new age marketing

25 Sep

Recently, Read this interesting synopsis of the changing rules of engagement in the online world. I have edited a few original writs and added a few, but in essence it replicates ideas of Rich Meyer.

Twenty New rules for engaging your customers

1. Traditional mass marketing is dead.

2. Brand marketers no longer control the  message.
3. Your audience is using social media whether you decide to use social or not.
4. Great marketing is not enough to ensure success.
5. Senior manager need to get middle managers more involved in formulating strategy and implementation of tactics.
6. The best marketing plans in the world mean nothing without flawless execution.
7. To get consumers to buy you product forget about features and start thinking about how you product provides solutions to their problems.
8. There is no such thing as free social media programs.
9. Social media programs need to be tied back to business objectives. Executives need to agree on a measurement criteria for social media programs.
10. Keep it simple. If you can’t clearly explain your strategy and message to your employees than you need to start over.
11. The days of free spending consumers maybe over. Today consumers are saving more and spending less. It’s all about needs rather than want.
12. Web analytics should tell you a story of how your consumers are thinking about your site and products.
13. Employers have all the power now and can lowball new hires and increase workloads on current employees. However this will eventually change and lot more people will seek to leave big companies in search of smaller companies where they can provide a lot more input and be satisfied with their work.
15. Lowering prices is not a marketing or brand strategy.
16. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.
17. Learn to see the world in the eyes of your customer or website visit.
18. Simplicity is the new currency.
19.Don’t favor credentials over passion.
20. Speed has become even more of a competitive advantage in the age of social media.

Rich’s Rules of New Economy

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