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Youtube for pharma marketing.- Best practices

YouTube, LLC
Recently read this post from Rohit Bhargava  titled “10 Rules Of Using YouTube For Pharma & Healthcare Marketing“. Though I don’t back all his logic, i found many of his views very important and worth repeating in another post. I have taken the liberty to add a few extra notes, while editing  many of his.
Youtube is a great channel for marketing and many Pharmaceutical companies are already actively involved.Check the playlist below for a few examples. 


1) DO create a video as short as possible.
Short is sweet , simple and sexy. Ideally keep it between 2 and 4 minutes.
2) DO use descriptive language in the title.
The title is what will get you in the search listings , and ignite your viewers interest.Be sure to write the most interesting and compelling description you can
3) DO choose your thumbnail wisely.
This is the first Visual the viewers would focus on.Get the most visually interesting image you can to use as the thumbnail..
4) DO allow embedding and ratings on your video.   
That will let your video go viral , and prove its popularity.
5) DON’T allow comments on YouTube videos. 
Youtube comments are generally lowbrow.If you want to create dialogue, bring the video onto your own site and invite comments there instead.
6) DO integrate your video(s) with other online efforts
Make your video channel a part of your complete online marketing strategy.
7) DON’T expect people to just find your video through search.
Have an active promotional strategy.
8) DON’T forget to follow all the Regulatory guidelines.
Take care to comply with all the required legal and regulatory language. FDA is getting tougher on such “abuse” of online marketing efforts.
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Best health care companies to work at.

Health care

The Best Places to Work at in Healthcare:

Modern Healthcare announced its second annual list of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare. 

317 healthcare companies participated in this survey and were ranked on basis of employee feedback, company policies, benefits and demographics.

A video announcement is now available at

The top 10 health care workplaces for 2009 in US are-

1) Intelligent InSites —

2) Doctors Hospital of Sarasota Sarasota–

3) CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System (7)–

4) Holy Name Hospital (6) —

5) Sage Products —

6) Memorial Healthcare System —

7) VHA (76) —

8) Awarepoint Corp. (8) —

9) Premier —

10) Valley Medical Center (34) —

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Medical multimedia for presentations


I get a lot of traffic on my blogs for search terms-“Medical multimedia“.

During one such back-links search, i came upon this neat list of medical multimedia links for use in your presentations.

Medical Multimedia Resources

Medical Multimedia Resources

Do you need a piece of clip art to spice up your PowerPoint or web presentation? Or an image of heart rupture, post-infarction? These links will take you to sites containing medicine/health related multimedia. Please note that most of the sites listed permit use of media for educational purposes. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with each site’s terms of use.

Clip art

Photographs and Realistic Illustrations


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    The Best Websites For Free Clipart Downloads (

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      Medical multimedia for presentations

      Examples of computer clip art.

      Medical Multimedia Resources

       Do you need a piece of clip art to spice up your PowerPoint or web presentation? Or an image of heart rupture, post-infarction? These links will take you to sites containing medicine/health related multimedia. Please note that most of the sites listed permit use of media for educational purposes.

      However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with each site’s terms of use.

      Clip Art

      • Cheryl’s Image Gallery has nice clip art related to disabilities: people in wheelchairs, crutches, sign language alphabet, parking signs etc.
      • Clips Ahoy has some cartoon-like but well done clip art related to medicine and health.

      Photographs and Realistic Illustrations

      • Bristol BioMed Image Archive is an excellent resource. Search or browse by alphabetical listing. Requires free registration to view full size images.


      • HONmedia has over 1,950 medical images and videos, pertaining to 1,350 topics and themes. Easy to use.

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      Pfizer for better use of resources-

      Pfizer’s huge R&D shop is even bigger now that the company has taken up with Wyeth.Pfizer and Wyeth’s combined R&D budgets now add up to some $11 billion a year.
      The added Economics of scale has forced Pfizer Board to consider harsh but intelligent steps to improve profitability.Following a popular trend in the industry, Pfizer will continue to decentralize much of its R&D, which will be spread across 18 different units.

      A few examples of changes expected to take place include-

      *Wyeth’s pharmaceutical headquarters in Collegeville, Pennsylvania will become the headquarters for Pfizer’s specialty-care unit, which includes vaccines and specialty drugs.

      *Wyeth’s corporate headquarters in Madison, New Jersey will now be called, “The Leadership Center for Pfizer Diversified Businesses,”. Employees from several businesses, including animal health, consumer products and nutrition, will work at the site.

      *Pfizer said it will keep a “significant presence” in Connecticut. But it’s unclear exactly what that means in terms of numbers. Pfizer employs some 5,000 people in the state.

      Even some of its policies are undergoing changes. Like One drug -> Many effects -> More Indications for use ->Better mileage per chemical formulation researched.
       :A unit will be charged with looking at multiple uses of drugs under development throughout the company. That makes a certain amount of sense, given the way many drugs were developed for one use then went on to find success by treating something quite different.
      More broadly, certain projects — cancer vaccines, for example—lend themselves to collaborations across different research units. And some functions, such as designing drugs or probing safety risks, can be done company-wide.
      Pfizer has been the prime mover in the pharmaceutical industry for a long long time, and the future trends in this industry will take its cue from this exercise.
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      Digital microscopes for laptop integration and recording capabilities.

      Carson ePix MM-740 Digital Microscope is a compact 5x optical zoom microscope with a digital zoom function that can display its magnified image right on your computer screen, providing hours of fascinating educational entertainment for adults and children alike.  It has a built-in internal illuminator, which ensures that the magnified images are clear and bright, and you can use the base attachment to view prepared slides or remove the base and place the microscope on any surface to reveal fine details. 

      The ePix MM-740 Digital Microscope is extremely easy to set up and use. Just install the included driver software, and attach the digital microscope to the USB port of your computer – you’ll instantly see a live image appear on your computer screen. To capture and keep an image you are viewing, simply press the shutter button on the top of the microscope and the image will be captured and displayed in a separate window. Click on File and select Save from the drop-down menu and the image is yours to keep.

      Features to use-
      • Integrated digital camera captures still images and video clips
      • View prepared specimen slides or place right onto ordinary objects to view
      5x Optical zoom capability (26-130x effective magnification including digital zoom)
      • Amazing educational and entertainment tool for both children and adults
      Battery-free operation – draws power directly through your computers USB Port
      • Included software makes viewing images and video on your PC monitor easy
      1.3MP image resolution –Sad!
      • Compatible with Windows Systems (Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP) and requires an available USB Port.

      Many other variants of this Digital Microscope are also available, with tweaked technical specifications to cover a wide range of requirements. And all this for less than 100 USD$$! Check a few deals here.

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      Communication issues with Tele-consults , new study shows

      HELP Telemedicine clinic 1

      With newer technologies and net-centered consultations on the rise, this study below shows us the disadvantages of Telemedicine.

      Background: The quality of physician-patient communication is a critical factor influencing treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction with care. To date, there is little research to document the effect of telemedicine (TM) on physician-patient communication.

      Objective: The objectives of this study are to measure and describe verbal and nonverbal communication during clinical TM consultations and to compare TM with in-person (IP) consultations in terms of the quality of physician-patient communication.

      Methods: Veteran patients (n = 19) requiring pulmonary medicine consultations were enrolled into the study. The study group included 11 patients from the Iron Mountain Veterans Affairs Hospital (VAMC) remote site. Patients had individual TM consultations with a pulmonary physician at the Milwaukee VAMC hub site. A control group of 8 patients had IP consultations with a pulmonary physician at the Milwaukee VAMC. Video recordings of medical consultations were coded for patient-physician verbal and nonverbal communication patterns using the Roter Interaction Analysis System (RIAS).

      Results: There were no differences in the length of TM consultations (22.2 minutes) and IP consultations (21.9 minutes). Analysis of visit dialogue indicated that the ratio of physician to patient talk was 1.45 for TM and 1.13 for IP consultations, indicating physician verbal dominance. Physicians were more likely to use orientation statements during IP consultations (P = .047). There were greater requests for repetition from patients during TM consultations (P = .034), indicating perceptual difficulties.

      Conclusions: The study findings indicate differences between TM and IP consultations in terms of physician-patient communication style. Results suggest that, when comparing TM and IP consultations in terms of physician-patient communication, TM visits are more physician centered, with the physician controlling the dialogue and the patient taking a relatively passive role. Further research is needed to determine whether these differences are significant and whether they have relevance in terms of health outcomes and patient satisfaction with care.
      Patients seem to be put at a certain communication disadvantage as they are immersed into a totally new environment and need the Doctor to guide them through the interview.As technology gets better, these virtual meetings might get more realistic and take away the awe associated with high technology AND Medicine working together in tandem.
      Read the full article on the JMIR site. JMIR is the leading open access journal for eHealth and healthcare in the Internet age.

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