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Man as Industrial Palace

The visual crossover between industrialization and science in Fritz Kahn’s artwork demonstrates surprisingly accurately how human nature became culturally encoded by placing the knowledge in an industrial modernity of machine analogues. He produced lots of illustrations that drew a direct functional analogy between human  physiology and the operation of contemporary technologies. Therefore, by illustrating the body as a factory, Kahn was able to relate the body’s complex organic interior to the industrialized space so common in society during that period of time (the poster was created in 1926).

From the moment on that Henning Lederer got to know Kahn’s poster “Man as Industrial Palace” in 2006, he had the idea to animate this complex and strange way of explaining the functions of a body. He wanted to continue Fritz Kahn’s act of replacing a biological with  a technological structure by transferring this depiction with the help of motion graphics and animation. In addition to the moving images, as a framework, Henning created a cabinet for his work including a mixture of old and new technology. This new version of the “Industrial Palace“ is an interactive installation for the audience to interact with – and by this to explore the different cycles of this human machinery.

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Google Suggest and Healthcare- What people are searching for..

by- Joshua Schwimmer, MD, FACP, FASN

When you type a search query into Google’s web search, a feature called Google Suggest will offer searches that other users have typed that are similar to the one you’re typing. Sometimes, this can provide an eye-opening view of how the Internet — or at least, the people who search Google — feel about a particular topic.

For example, here are the Google suggested searches for “Doctors are…

Here are some other similar searches from Google Suggest.

Nurses are:

  • nurses are great
  • nurses are angels
  • nurses are mean
  • nurses are heroes

Medicine is:

  • medicine is keystone of the arch of socialism
  • medicine is working but u.s. economy isn’t healthy yet
  • medicine is an art
  • medicine is not candy

Hospitals are:

  • hosptials are generally categorized as nonprofit for-profit or governmental
  • hospitals are cold
  • hospitals are challenged by competition for paying patients
  • hospitals are dangerous

I am sick:

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Understanding HL7

HL7 was founded in 1987 to produce a standard for hospital information systems. HL7, Inc. is a standards organization that was accredited in 1994 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

HL7 standards specify a number of flexible standards, guidelines, and methodologies by which various healthcare systems can communicate with each other. Such guidelines or data standards are a set of rules that allow information to be shared and processed in a uniform and consistent manner. These data standards are meant to allow healthcare organizations to easily share clinical information.

This is a simple explanation using fun animation explaining how HL7 works.

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Most Popular News Websites in India

According to Comscore, nearly 16 million Indians accessed news online in the month of October 2009, which is a 37% growth from October 2008. The most surprising inclusion in the list is New York Times at number 2, ahead of the locally popular Times Of India. Here are the top ten in the list and the monthly uniques

1. Yahoo News : 4.1 million
2. NY Times : 3.8 million
3. The Times Of India : 2.6 million
4. : 2.3 million
5. The Hindu Group : 1.5 million
6. The Indian Express : 1.2 million
7. HT Media : 1.1 million
8. NDTV : 1.1 million
9. BBC : 992,000
10. The Economic Times : 820,000

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Woman out of a job after sending A tweet to Governor Barbour !



A woman “encouraged” to resign because of her tweet !
And the Governor’s (Haley Barbour) excuse of HIPAA violations by that person is laughable – It is plain and simple Vindictive.

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Social Media ROI in Business


Almost everyday i run into these Seniors who (used to) laugh off the Social Media revolution, regarding it as a peripheral happenning. It was good for their child”s social life, but Business uses of Social media? They could not see ANY. I hope they see this video and learn a few things.

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Reducing Medical errors in Clinical practice

Cover of "To Err Is Human: Building a Saf...
Ten years ago, a national panel of health care experts released a landmark report on medical errors in the American health care system. Published by the Institute of Medicine, “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System” estimated that as many as 98,000 people died in hospitals each year as a result of preventable mistakes. Being hospitalized, it turned out, was far riskier than riding a jumbo jet

Preventable medical mistakes and infections are responsible for about 200,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to an investigation by the Hearst media corporation. The report comes 10 years after the Institute of Medicine’s “To Err Is Human” analysis, which found that 44,000 to 98,000 people were dying annually due to these errors and called for the medical community and government to cut that number in half by 2004.

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