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Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Principles

1) Be Aware not Afraid
2) Monitor and get Involved
3) Its all about EVE Expected Visitor Experience
4) Prepare to Surrender Control
5) If you’re participating, be honest.
6) It’s Not About You

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Minimizing Legal Risk in Using Online media

1. Are you violating anyone’s copyright? Common situations in which fair use may be found include criticism, education and parody.
2. Are you violating anyone’s trademark rights? There may also be potential liability if the owner can establish that your conduct diluted the strength/value of the owner’s trademark.
3. Are you invading anyone’s personal privacy?
4. Are you breaching any confidentiality agreements or professional obligations? Lawyers, doctors, advisers and others in businesses in which they receive client/patient confidences must make sure they maintain such confidentiality. Possible sanctions may include termination of employment, loss of professional license, potential significant civil liability (such as in the context of trade secret dissemination), or even criminal liability.
5. Are you defaming anyone? Truth is, of course, a complete defense to such a claim.
6. Are you running afoul of advertising restrictions?
7. Are you violating applicable regulatory requirements? If your business is in a heavily regulated industry, be mindful of violating applicable proscriptions.
8. Have you made promises to others on your page? If you make representations or promises to others on your page, make sure you keep them, to avoid potential liability for claims such as misrepresentation or breach of contract.
9. Have you read and do you understand the social networking site’s terms/conditions of use?.
10. Have you incorporated qualified language and appropriate disclaimers?
11. Are you regularly monitoring your page/profile?
12. Have you checked your insurance policies? Review your insurance policies to determine if the types of potential risks described in this article are covered.

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Which is harder: working in pharma or the service sector?

So why should pharma make the leap into the service sector at all?

The answer lies in the changing nature of pharmaceutical companies as they respond to changes in their markets. Essentially, they become more virtual as time goes on, employing more and more skills based outside the company and employed on a temporary basis using these skills to inform increasingly vital changes within the company.


“…the day of the practitioner/expert being responsible for winning business and then delivering the project has long gone…”


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India, U.S. to establish four working groups on health sector

India and the United States of America have agreed to set up four working groups to improve cooperation and establish common goals between the two countries in the health sector.

So the Health Minister of India is on an educational trip to the United States.

Ms. Kathleen Sebelius should be a good teacher, if Gulam Nabi Azad keeps his mind open.

I really hope he imbibes the ‘Open and Collaborative Research‘ culture sweeping the Medical sciences today. He has an important role to play in the transformation of medical education, research and practice in India.


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Verbalizing Headlines

Utilize, facilitate and other lazy verbs are driving Mark Ragan out of his mind. Choose powerful verbs to liven up your copy.

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2010 Digital Influence Index – Survey Results favor Social Media Use

Key findings from the research include:

More than half (53%) of the study’s respondents think others share too much information about their lives online, and only around one-third of Internet users find user-generated content interesting.

Across all countries in the study, an average 39 percent believe it is safe to communicate with others online, while only 19 percent think otherwise.

Seventy-six percent of consumers reported that they are less inclined to trust content written by a blogger who receives a free sample from a company they are writing about. Trust in blog posts by writers who are paid by a company to blog about its products or business is also low, with less than one-fifth of respondents reporting them as reliable.

75 percent of people surveyed said they view companies that microblog — sending short, frequent messages on sites like Twitter or status updates on social networks like Facebook — as more deserving of their trust than those that do not.

Internet use in China went from less than 1 percent of the population to more than 28 percent in the 10 years since 2000. This is the most rapid shift in communications and technology uptake in human history.


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Explaining Use and Benefits of Twitter

A simple explanation of using Twitter.
It should help the multitude of people i know who apparently believe that twitter, facebook and all that can not be used for any productive work.

What is Twitter? Animated Explanations

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