2010 Digital Influence Index – Survey Results favor Social Media Use

27 Jun

Key findings from the research include:

More than half (53%) of the study’s respondents think others share too much information about their lives online, and only around one-third of Internet users find user-generated content interesting.

Across all countries in the study, an average 39 percent believe it is safe to communicate with others online, while only 19 percent think otherwise.

Seventy-six percent of consumers reported that they are less inclined to trust content written by a blogger who receives a free sample from a company they are writing about. Trust in blog posts by writers who are paid by a company to blog about its products or business is also low, with less than one-fifth of respondents reporting them as reliable.

75 percent of people surveyed said they view companies that microblog — sending short, frequent messages on sites like Twitter or status updates on social networks like Facebook — as more deserving of their trust than those that do not.

Internet use in China went from less than 1 percent of the population to more than 28 percent in the 10 years since 2000. This is the most rapid shift in communications and technology uptake in human history.


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