Make the most of Linkedin Groups in its new form

01 Jul

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Linkedin has steadily increased in my esteem over the past few years and today is my Number One destination for social media experience.
In fact, I have made more business deals via Linkedin than via face-to-face contacts over the past 3 years!! 
Though i have flirted with their ‘Groups’ function before, but i have yet to utilize it fully. Check the video below for some of the key features in Linkedin Groups.
LinkedIn Groups allow you to:
* Quickly discover the most popular discussions in your professional groups.
* Have an active part in determining the top discussions by liking and commenting.
* Follow the most influential people in your groups by checking the Top Influencers board or clicking their profile image to see all their group activity.
* See both member-generated discussions and news in one setting.
* Easily browse previews of the last three comments in a discussion.
* Find interesting discussions by seeing who liked a discussion and how many people commented.
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