What Doctors Want at CME Programs

02 Jul

In a Pri-Med survey of 2,211 PCPs across 15 branded speaker programs, 48% said the general disease area covered in the program was their main reason for attending. Of these, 53% of audience members were drawn to the topic of asthma/COPD but only 8% said it was because of the brand discussed. And about half were drawn to the topic of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, but only 12-15% due to any specific drug. Overall, only 14% said the primary attraction was hearing more about a specific product or therapy, with pain drugs cited most often (35%)

When it comes to these programs, “topics are the draw, not necessarily the drug name,” said Dara Warn, Pri-Med SVP.

Learning about new therapies (49%),
obtaining perspective on common topics (43%),
learning from peers (16%) and
the ability to ask questions (14%) were the aspects physicians found most valuable.
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Posted by on July 2, 2010 in education, information


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