5 twitter tips for hospital marketers

06 Jul

By Nicola Ziady

[1] HIPPA compliance :: Dont mention information which can identify patients. Dont write anything where a patient could identify themselves.

[2] Share information :: If you find a good article share it! ReTweet blogs or relevant information. Respond and acknowledge mentions … you have earned them!

[3] Think easy & simple :: Try not to use medical jargon. Patients dont always understand. Dont use a big complicated word when a shorter and simpler one will do. If you need to clarify a complex procedure link to your blog or healthcare website.

[4] Know your patient base :: Determine who your follower will be before you start your blog or website. Aim your posts or articles to align to what they would like to hear. Your twitter account may rank high in search engine results so you want to ensure your messages are appropriate and relevant.

[5] Be engaging :: Work with the superstars in your hospital, your doctors, nurses, researchers, to get more evidence based positive health messages out. Follow, retweet posts and engage them in conversations by replying to their posts

To The Point.

Excellent Post by Nicola.

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