Mobile Devices in Healthcare – Cisco Cius or iPad ?

14 Jul

Cisco unveiled the Cisco Cius, a “mobile collaboration business tablet” that offers tight integration with Cisco’s cloud services, video applications and more. Cisco’s tablet is clearly looking to fill a potential gap created by Apple’s iPad. Where the iPad is mostly seen as a device for content consumption, Cisco is touting its Cius as a device of “collaboration.” While the iPad is certainly much more of a consumer device, Cisco promises security and touts enterprise applications for its “business tablet.” What’s more, the Cius offers two cameras — front-facing and back, and a detachable serviceable battery that runs for up to eight hours under “normal” usage.

Priced at about the same as the iPad, and with many healthcare required functionality – like cameras and detachable batteries, the Cisco Cius should surely give iPad a very tough competition.

But Cisco needs to do much more to leverage its brand within the health care industry. Despite their ‘reliability’ aura, they just might be overtaken by the ‘cool’ iPad!

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Posted by on July 14, 2010 in e-health, iPhone, technology


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