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Sizing Up the iPad for Healthcare

Heres an infographic from mobihealthnews charting the interest and opportunity for the iPad in healthcare.

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Who Needs Training in Technology Trends?
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98 % Medical Students Believe in Video Game Technology in Education

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WEDNESDAY, Aug. 11 (HealthDay News) — The vast majority of medical school students believe that technology in the form of virtual reality exercises could help them to develop the skills they will need as future doctors, a new survey reveals.

The survey of 200 medical students from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found nearly all (98 percent) believing the technology to be a definite aid to higher learning.

“Due in large part to their high degree of technological literacy, today’s medical students are a radically different audience than the students of 15 to 20 years ago,” study co-author Dr. Frederick W. Kron, a former assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Wisconsin and current president of Medical Cyberworlds, Inc., said in a University of Michigan news release.

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Social Networking> Games > Emails are top activities of American Onliners

Forty percent of US online time is spent on just three activities, social networking, playing games and emailing, according to new data from The Nielsen Company.

  • Social networks accounted for 22.7% of US internet time, or 906 million
    hours, in June 2010, a significant 43% increase from the 15.8% share of
    time they commanded in June 2009.
  • Online games came in a distant second with a 10.2% share of internet time in June 2010, or 407 million hours, a 10% year-over-year increase from 9.3%
  • While email represented the third-largest use of internet time in June
    2010 (8.3%, or 329 million hours), this marked a 28% decline from June
    2009, when email accounted for 11.5% of internet time and was the  second-largest usage component.

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Social Media Gets Specialized – The Physician Niche

Physicians are increasingly collaborating online thanks to the unstoppable boom of online communities. With more MDs discussing clinical and non-clinical topics online, specialized sites have emerged in the past two years for cardiologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians and surgeons. Companies like Abbott, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis are already diverting their marketing budgets to reach their customers through these niche online social networks.

Physician-only communities have generated much attention as doctors demand private environments to exchange information without patients looking over their shoulders. Manhattan Research reported that 60% of US physicians are either actively using social media networks or are interested in doing so, and more than half of doctors say they are influenced by user-generated content they consider reputable.


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Scientific blogging as a model for professional networking online

Scientific blogging is a relatively new kind of activity that scientists and people related to science do online. In this essay I’m sharing my own experience about how scientific blogging could be used to establish and advance your professional networking online. The model I use proposes blogging analytical content in a precise scientific niche and sharing discussion and expert opinions through web tools. I use a blog as a central hub for analysis of information flowing from my personal filters and for setting up collaborative filters online, based on professional trusted content. Overall, I think a blog could be one of the best web tools for scientists to build a professional network online.

– By Alexey Bersenev, MD, PhD in

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Designing Healthy Communities

How do we address public health epidemics like obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes? The answer may lie in the environments we inhabit. In Designing Healthy Communities, community leaders and citizens alike construct roads, parks, schools, and offices to transform our lives. (via

Designing Healthy Communities from MPC on Vimeo.

Listen to a multitude of people responsible for designing infrastructure and awareness programs to make our lives healthier.


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