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Roche and Pfizer biggest R&D spenders in 2009

It is well established that India is now a major player the international pharma industry. Currently, the total pharma market in India is estimated at around $21bn, but this has more than doubled in the last ten years, and many feel it will do so again in the next decade.
But the story doesn’t end here. India has also been emerging as a major destination for outsourcing of R&D projects and Clinical trials, in order to cut costs and also utilize the vast pool of trained manpower in the country.
Global R&D expenditure over the past few years (Source: Kalorama Information) has been consistently increasing.

 Global R&D Spending, 1996-2009
To encourage new products and R&D in pharma, Indian government has been giving Tax sops to the pharma industry to boost research.The table below lists the top 10 spenders in Research and Development within the global pharma industry. Roche and Novartis have drastically increased their  R and D budget in 2009, while GlaxoSmithKline have reduced their R&D budget compared to 2006.
1.  Pfizer – $8.34B
2. Johnson & Johnson – $7.9B
3. GlaxoSmithKline – $7.51B
4. Sanofi-Aventis – $6.44B
5. Roche – $5.99B
6. Novartis – $5.94B
7. Merck – $5.30B
8. AstraZeneca – $4.32B
9. Amgen – $3.73B
10. Bayer – $3.58B
1. Roche – $8.7B
2. Pfizer – $7.4B
3. Novartis – $7.06B
4. Johnson & Johnson – $6.66B
5. Sanofi-Aventis – $6.25B
6. GlaxoSmithKline –  $5.59B
7. Merck – $5.58B
8. Takeda Pharmaceuticals – $4.64B
9. AstraZeneca – $4.23B
10. Eli Lilly – $4.13B

The CMR International R&D Factbook revealed “the number of new molecules in development by generic companies, particularly in India, reflects a strong inclination to invest in R&D,” and “the number of patent challenges in the region indicates an increasingly aggressive approach to securing market share,” according to a Thomson Reuters press release. “Patent challenges raised by Indian companies, for example, increased 60 percent from 2006 to 2009, underlining the shifting business model in the region,” the release states.
With closure and even divest of discovery sites in US and Europe in 2010, Big Pharma is under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and become leaner. Pharmaceutical companies are likely to continue to increase the percentage of their R&D work that is outsourced in Asia. This trend will continue to be driven by the pursuit of improving R&D cost efficiency as well as effectiveness.


Top 10 EMR and operational iPhone medical apps | mobihealthnews


According to Apple’s ranking of its AppStore’s Medical Category Top 1000, these are the Top 10 EMR and Operational apps highest on the list:

1. Bedside by IMS MAXIMS. Rank out of 1000? 150. Released: August 17, 2010. Details
2. Care360 Mobile by Quest Diagnostics. Rank? 204. Released: March 30, 2009. Details
3. Accent by Webahn. Rank out of 1000? 245. Released: September 18, 2009. Details
4. Allscripts Remote by Allscripts. Rank out of 1000? 248. Released: March 31, 2009. Details
5. iConnect – Notes Edition by Grembe. Rank? 263. Released: October 30, 2009. Details
6. NI GME by New Innovations. Rank out of 1000? 337. Released: July 4, 2009. Details
7. nTrack by Skyscape. Rank? 348. Released: September 3, 2009. Details
8. PK4801R by PatientKeeper. Rank out of 1000? 388. Released: March 25, 2010. Details
9. AirStrip OB by AirStrip Technologies. Rank out of 1000? 410. Released: April 5, 2009. Details
10. Epic Haiku by Epic Systems. Rank out of 1000? 414. Released: January 8, 2010. Details

 These are apps intended for use by care providers, including pager replacement apps, charge capture apps, electronic medical records apps, patient logbooks, schedulers and remote practice management apps. While many of these apps are free feature add-ons for enterprise systems, the average price of these apps is $3.84.

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Health Education Platform on the iPad : Medical Video jLog™


The Medical Video jLog™ provided by Unity Medical, Inc. are a differentiated health education platform that uses the best of all on-line experiences in a single contained user experience. The Medical Video jLog™ include information on topics such as weight loss surgery, heart and vascular health, and overall wellness.

The goal of the Medical Video jLog™ is to provide a highly personalized, convenient, easy to use, education platform that ultimately improves your health and well being. All information provided in the Medical Video jLog™ is safe and trusted, medically accurate, and completely engaging.

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New AMA Policy Helps Guide Physicians’ Use of Social Media

The explosive spread of social media used by healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers has brought a lot of new challenging dilemmas to the forefront. The American Medical Association  recently put forth a set of guidelines aimed at helping physicians to maintain a positive online presence and preserve the integrity of the patient-physician relationship. 

The new policy encourages physicians to:

  • Use privacy settings to safeguard personal information and content to the fullest extent possible on social networking sites.
  • Routinely monitor their own Internet presence to ensure that the personal and professional information on their own sites and content posted about them by others, is accurate and appropriate.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries of the patient-physician relationship when interacting with patients online and ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained.
  • Consider separating personal and professional content online.
  • Recognize that actions online and content posted can negatively affect their reputations among patients and colleagues, and may even have consequences for their medical careers.


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