eBroselow : Web Based Pediatric Information/ CDS system

05 Dec


Without a sales team, a new Blacksburg company Zolstice can already count 115 hospitals as customers and is turning a profit.

To date the company has mostly operated by hiring contract program developers to help design the Web-based system. Fourteen contractors, most living in India and Argentina, currently work on the project.

Zolstice’s product is simple. It is eBroselow.

The product comes from a pediatric medication standardization initiative dubbed Artemis.

All the drugs that might be used in an emergency room are part of the system, Luten said. It includes about 95 percent of what is needed when a child is admitted to the hospital, he added. Plus, Zolstice can update the system easily because it is electronic.

eBroselow hasn’t required any federal approval to distribute because it is really just a way of delivering existing information to health care providers in a fast and accurate way.

Zolstice LLC was launched in 2009 and saw sales of its system for standardizing how pediatric medications are given in hospitals accelerate this past summer. The team, a partnership that includes three people, has managed to expand its business quickly and is already thinking about the global market.


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