Clinical Trials in AYUSH Therapies

09 Dec

Union government is working towards mandating clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and post marketing surveillance for the Ayush sector. It is also working with the Vijnanabharati, an organization for the development of Swadeshi Sciences to create a network using information technology to compile cliniciansdata. ( via )

Today, with the profusion of non-evidence based treatments sold in the market under AYUSH therapies, its a nightmare. Though many such therapies have been ‘found’ useful, very few have data substantiation. On one of my recent visits to an AYUSH center, i was informed of a large scale study on about the beneficial effects of certain ayurvedic medicines in Anemia and heart failure. The data was encouraging, to say the least.

Moreover these moves would help allopathy doctors to prescribe Ayurveda drugs. Although the Supreme Court has ordered that Ayurveda and allopathy physicians should refrain from prescribing each others drugs, yet there is a clause which allows independent state governments to take a call on this. Maharashtra and Punjab physicians prescribe both Ayurveda and allopathy medicines.

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Posted by on December 9, 2010 in Pharmaceutical industry, Policy


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