An edited A-Z of Internet Trends in 2011

24 Jan

D, G, H, L and S

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Design on the web will evolve hugely in 2011 as SA web users become more discerning about the websites they visit, and how those websites make them feel. Website owners, too, are becoming more educated, understanding that not all websites are created the same. We’re five years behind design in the US and have a lot to catch up.
Group buying. Online group buying is based on the concept of individuals coming together via the Internet to leverage good discounts. The global leader of this is Groupon, which turned down a US$6 billion purchase offer from Google late last year.
HTML5. You’re going to hear this geeky term a lot, as websites start to take advantage of the latest web publishing language. With it comes better audio and video support, local storage (which will help you to browse your social data while offline, for example) and more targeted geo-location services, among other advantages.
Location-based social media. Services like FourSquare and Google Latitude will plot our social interactions in real-time. People are likely to become less worried about revealing their location in 2011. That said, in places like South Africa, it’s worth thinking about giving away your location…
Smartphones and more smartphones. These do more than just make and receive calls: you can email on them, work in Word or Excel, and they support applications such as Twitter for Blackberry and YouTube for iPhones. Our Internet experience is growing ever-more mobile, so smartphones are getting smarter all the time.



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