The Path to Successful Implementation of EMRs in Healthcare

24 Jan

A look at what it takes.

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  1. Meaningful Use (MU) incentives and future reimbursement penalties for not meeting meaningful use guidelines are creating additional incentives to implement EHRs.
  2. MU, as defined for the EHR incentive program, eliminates ambiguity about what comprises an inpatient EHR, and provides guidance for implementation.
  3. Partly because of the above, vendor products are getting better; finally incorporating all required functionality, with improved ease of use.
  4. Organizations are embracing the need to implement this technology and are committing resources to it.
  5. Costs have always been a major barrier, and although the financial incentives of MU are tied to achievement rather than intentions, they are generous enough to cover part of the cost involved in implementing EHRs.
  6. There are now enough success stories in U.S. hospitals and health systems to show that what is called for in MU can be done with current EHR technology.
  7. Competition among provider organizations is forcing adoption; there is awareness among patients of the technology and they are demanding it.
  8. Hospitals will need to share information with patients and with unaffiliated providers who are participating in the care of patients.  In addition, there are mandates to report on required measures of performance as a by-product of EHR use.
  9. Physicians, nurses and other providers are less reluctant users of the EHR.  Once past the learning curve and duplicative processes of paper and electronic record, productivity improvements may occur, which could help with shortages of primary care physicians and nurses.
  10. Improved patient safety, quality of care, improved clinical outcomes, and reductions in LOS and readmissions.


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