Doctors Leaning Towards Assisted e-Detailing with Smartphones/ Tablets

31 Mar

Drawing on responses from 5,490 doctors, the 2011 Digital MD Marketing research shows that:


67% of PCPs and 61% of specialists now have a smartphone (64% of doctors overall)

27% of PCPs and specialists alike have tablet computers (such as iPads) – about 5 times the level in the general population

Reference applications, such as Epocrates and WebMD, are the most popular mobile medical “apps” – while apps from pharmaceutical manufacturers receive minimal use.

79% of PCPs and 74% of specialists prefer in-person dialogue with reps; physicians ages 55 and over skewed higher on this answer by 12 percentage points, compared to those under 40

The new Digital MD Marketing research also shows that 61% of PCPs and 50% of specialists still maintain an open-door policy when it comes to sales rep visits – as compared to those doctors who insist that sales reps make appointments or who do not see reps at all.

hat-tip John Mack

Also, latest tweets from Jonathan richman , of Dode of Digital fame , show that he has some different views on this



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2 responses to “Doctors Leaning Towards Assisted e-Detailing with Smartphones/ Tablets

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