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iPod Touch as a Portable Surgical Navigation System in Orthopedic Surgery

The Smith & Nephew Dash™ Smart Instrument system*, powered by Brainlab, is a portable surgical navigation system designed to assist orthopedic surgeons in performing knee and hip joint replacement procedures with greater accuracy. Central to Dash™ is the easy-to-use handheld device with touchscreen interface (iPod touch) that works remotely with the mobile platform and infrared camera to provide surgeons with accurate and intuitive guidance through each procedure. This, combined with the ability to make interactive fine-tune adjustments to the surgical instruments, provides the surgeon with a high-precision and portable tool for the accurate placement of artificial knee and hip implants.

*FDA clearance pending

This medical system, developed by Smith & Nephew along with Brainlab, has allowed doctors at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai to effectively perform three knee replacement surgeries.

The system comes in a rolling box with a precision camera and everything needed to take exact measurements and landmark registrations critical to such an operation. The iPod touch is slipped into a case and the software does the measuring and computing…

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Top five medical apps at Harvard Medical School

Dynamed – Students and physicians can use this clinical reference tool created by physicians for point-of-care situations

Unbound Medicine uCentral – This apps serves as a portal bringing popular medical publications to students’ iPad with the tap of the screen. The app includes 5 Minute Clinical Consult, A to Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts, and others.

VisualDx Mobile – VisualDx provides physician-reviewed clinical information with thousands of medical images showing the variation of disease presentation through age, stage, and skin type.

Epocrates Essentials – The app is an all-in-one mobile guide to drugs and disease with an integrated disease database with conditions, plus over-the-counter medications and hundreds of diagnostic and laboratory tests.

iRadiology – A learning tool for medical students and residents, iRadiology provides quick reviews of classic radiology cases and images.


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Top 10 Health & Medical Information Websites – March 2011


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FDA To Issue Guidelines for Smartphone Health Applications

Applications for smartphones that check on blood sugar or allergies may face the same scrutiny from U.S. regulators as heart stents and defibrillators. The Food and Drug Administration plans to issue draft guidelines this year classifying mobile health tools for handheld computers such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone as medical devices.

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Use of iPad By Healthcare Professionals : Infographic


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Making a Case for Failures in Healthcare

On TEDxMaastricht Paul Iske shared his ideas on Brilliant failures in Healthcare.

No progress without failures: In a world as complex and dynamic as ours, not everything is predictable. To find new ways for value creation, the approach of trial and error is sometimes the only way to make progress. However, often people are stimulated to reduce risk and to hide mistakes.

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Web Based EMRs to be 30% of Global EMR Markets in 2015

EMR is a part of healthcare information technology that is used to make paperless computerized patient data in order to increase efficiency of hospital systems and reduce chances of errors in medical records. A substantial growth rate (more than 16%) of global healthcare IT spending is expected to push EMR development all over the globe. It is estimated that Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) market will exceed $25 billion in 2015. EMR is the major segment that is driving its growth. The rising demand for healthcare cost containment and need to improve quality of healthcare service are driving the growth of the Worldwide EMR market. The global EMR Market is expected to grow from $4,355 million in 2009 to $9,957 million in 2015, at an estimated CAGR of 14.9% from 2010 to 2015.

The client server based EMRs formed approximately 78% of the EMR software market. However, web based EMR market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.4%, from 2010 to 2015 and contribute 30% of the global EMR software market revenues in 2015.

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