Breakdown of Physician Fans on Facebook

21 May


The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) recently completed a survey on its Facebook page, asking fans to tell the Journal about themselves.

Who are their fans?

Here’s what the Journal learned from the 800 fans completing the survey:

  • Half are physicians and 35 percent are medical students.
  • Half are younger than 30.
  • A little more than one-third are in primary care and 80 percent are in patient care.
  • More than 85 percent visit Facebook more than once a day and 30 percent visit several times a day.
  • Most fans use a computer to get access to Facebook, but almost 50 percent sometimes check Facebook with a smartphone and 15 percent sometimes use an iPad.

What do they think?

NEJM Facebook fans said they like:

  • Posts about new research
  • Images in clinical medicine
  • Essays in medicine

And, they want to see more of everything.


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