How to Design a Social Media Policy | Tips for #HCSM

21 May


Social Media Policy: How to Get Started? #HCSM Comments Added

1. The First Meeting: Get everybody together in the same room including the evangelists and the skeptics. Let them exchange caution for enthusiasm and vice versa, and understand how using social media can help add business value to their work.: Get Doctors, Administrators and Patients together in the same room to pitch for #HCSM

2. Executive Champions: Companies must have demonstrable top-down commitment. To carry out this communication and maintain a presence, you need resources and complete commitment, so get the chiefs involved from Day 1.: Ensure Top Down Involvement from all the above three stakeholders

3. Set Up Your Listening Apparatus: Before communicating to people, you must do the groundwork to find out what people are saying about you and about your products. Set up simple tools (Google alerts, twitter search, Google blog search, etc.) and then launch knowing the depth of dialogue you’re dealing with.: Research the websphere for current presence and requirements early on.

4. Set Employee Parameters: Write a practical social media policy: What can they talk about, and on which channels; The Do’s and Don’ts must be established.: Don’t preach, like the AMA. Set down practical follow-able guidelines

5. Social Media is Not a Strategy in Itself: People must understand that presence on social media isn’t a strategy of its own but a support system to bolster existing strategies across business units. Only then is use of social media truly effective.: Social Media should be an integral part of an overall communications strategy.

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