Ten Noteworthy Pharmaceutical Marketing Guidelines For Indian Pharma Industry

04 Jun

Ten Important and Comment-able Points in the Code:
  1. Brand names of products of other companies must not be used in comparison unless the prior consent of the companies concerned has been obtained.
  2. All promotional material issued by a product authorization holder or with his authority, must be consistent with the requirements of this Code.
  3. Where a pharmaceutical company pays for or otherwise secures or arranges the publication of promotional material in journals, such promotional material must not resemble editorial matter.
  4. The names or photographs of healthcare professionals must not be used in promotional material.
  5. Extremes of format, size or cost of promotional material must be avoided.
  6. Audio-visual material must be accompanied by all appropriate printed material so that all relevant requirements of the Code are complied with.
  7. Samples should be provided directly to prescribing authority, shall be limited to prescribed dosages for three patients and in response to a signed and dated request from the recipient. Each sample pack shall not be larger than the smallest pack presented in the market.
  8. The (medical/educational) events (for doctors) have to be organized in India only and all expenses…, must be incurred only for the events held in India.
  9. Companies must not organise meetings to coincide with sporting, entertainment or other leisure events or activities.
  10. Outline of a detailed Complaint Lodging and Redressal mechanism (Committee for Code of Pharma Marketing) to ensure following of the marketing code.

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    July 16, 2011 at 3:06 am

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