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Top digital Marketing Channels Are….

1) Email
2) Online Content
3) Social Media

with Social Media Poised to Grow and Email To Fall

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Using Social Media For Practicing Evidence Based Medicine

The two biggest buzzwords in medicine today are Social Media and Evidence based medicine(EBM). Social media allows people to easily share information (via blogs, twitter, Facebook etc). This information can easily reach fellow professionals. With more and more doctors using these tools to share information (evidence) they find useful, such social media platforms are becoming important information resources.Check this Presentation on using Social Media to Promote Evidence-Based Practice :  A Primer on Blogs, Wikis & Twitter by Dean Giustini et al.

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Digital Healthcare Infographic


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Developing Diagnostic Algorithms from Medical Data – Video Talk

The keeping of electronic medical records has led to an explosion of data and an academic industry that is trying to find patterns that predict illness, for instance based upon people’s workplace, lifestyle habits, etc, or based on automated collection of medical data in a hospital setting. In this talk, the speaker discusses recent developments in algorithms behind such analyses and their applications to health survey, clinical and biomarker data.

Speaker: Alan Hubbard, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley

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Touch Technology in Medical Applications – Video

Jamie Sewell interviews Touch International Director of Sales, Michelle Jones about the use of touch screens and touch technology in the medical market. Michelle covers the current state of touch in the healthcare industry and where she expects it to go in the years to come.

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Internet For Doctors: Basics

Internet For Doctors: Basics

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How Safe Are Hospitals? : Infographic

How much more will doctors err till it becomes inhuman?
The Hazards of Hospitals
Created by: Medical Billing and Coding

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