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Indian Medical Association Plans Programs to Make Members Tech Savvy

The potential of improving Healthcare quality by proper use of technology is immense.Recent advances in information technology offer clinicians valuable new tools to support the medical management of patients. HIT has the potential to enable a dramatic transformation in the delivery of health care, making it safer, more effective, and more efficient.

The national unit of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has decided to make its two lakh members across the country, especially senior medical practitioners, more tech savvy. The National vice-president of IMA, Dr Devendra Shirole says,Short contact programs of four days will be organized at all local branches of the IMA. Doctors will be trained on how to use information technology for the betterment of medical profession and patents’ data collection.” He said the doctors will be also trained on using e-books in their daily practice.

The IMA will launch this project initially in Maharashtra and the inauguration will take place in Mumbai. Groups, formed for research purposes, will use information technology to study diseases and viruses.To undertake this vast project, talks are on with software companies to provide trainings and technical support, as well as help IMA build web pages for the same.

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iPhone 4 to come to India via Bharti Telecom in October, 2010

Bharti is also working with Apple Inc to start selling its iPhone 4 in India, hopefully in September or October, Sanjay Kapoor, the mobile operator’s chief executive for India and South Asia, said.

Carriers in the world’s fastest-growing mobile market must obtain government clearance before they place any equipment purchase order, and earlier this year India had barred some operators from placing orders with China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp on security concerns.

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71 Million Indians Claimed to have used Internet in 2009

71 million people claimed to have used internet in 2009 according to the Internet in India [I-Cube] Report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] and market research leader IMRB.

Active users, those who use internet at least once a month according the international standards of reckoning, rose from 42 million in September 2008 to 52 million in September 2009 according to the study, registering a year on year growth of 19%. The ‘claimed users’ is an important category for understanding future trends in active user base.

This surge in number has been primarily due to the increased numbers of the users in the remote urban pockets (small metros and towns) and among lower socio-economic classes (SEC C, D &E). This development has been more striking this year as the combined usage of these geographies and classes have overtaken top cities and higher socio-economic classes in numbers.This finding clearly indicates that the Internet has reached to remote masses in urban India

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Healthcareworld 2010- Medical tradeshow in India


HealthcareWorld 2010, a medical exhibition organised by Express Healthcare, has been planned with one point mission=”to bring its exhibitors the audiences they want”. It would also provide a green zone, seminar and an award show.

HealthcareWorld 2010 is being organised by the Express Group and Express Healthcare, India’s leading Healthcare Business Magazine. Federation of Hospital Administration (FHA) and The Association of Hospitals (AOH) are the supporting associations for this tradeshow. Manipal Hospital, Bangaluru, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram and Max Healthcare are supporting HealthcareWorld 2010. Hosmac is a knowledge partner and BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is associating with HealthcareWorld 2010 as a Green Zone Partner.

Dr Vivek Desai, Managing Director, Hosmac India Private Limited, hopes that “Such a forum will help create better relationship between various stakeholders in a fragmented but rapidly growing healthcare industry. It will also sensitise people to new technologies which helps integrate functions, thereby improving efficiency.”

The main events planned for this forum include-

  • HealthcareLive

* HealthcareLive is a strategic zone that will let you build real-life, real-time models for ICU, critical care, imaging and diagnostics.
* It will also bring the very decision makers you seek into direct contact with your product.
* With HealthcareLive you will get an opportunity to let the industry know your product USP and why it need to be on their ‘Must Buy’ list.

  • Healthcare Roundtables

* Healthcare Roundtables will feature opinion leaders and experts discussing key healthcare issues.
* These Roundtables will be held for key segments like critical care, imaging, diagnostics and IT.
* This will build interest and provide maximum mileage for these key segments.

  • Green Zone

This unique concept with the name Green Zone will be held in a special pavilion on the emerging environment friendly technology segment.

* Green Zone will bring together leading companies, technology providers, consultants and decision makers.
* GreenHealthcare Seminar will bring along consultations with key prospects.

  • Meet the Consultants

* Meeting with consultants will bring together Medical Directors, Nursing Homes, Managers, HODs, & CTOs with leading consultants.
* There will be consultant booths for one-on-one meetings and roundtables featuring guest speakers.
* This will provide the perfect opportunity to the companies who seek to reach and influence key decision makers across the industry.

  • Launch Site

* Launch Site is going to be for companies looking for the perfect platform to launch their latest offerings.
* Launch Site will provide a special stage and a space will also be allotted for collateral/ posters/ demonstration/ presentation.
* It will be aggressively promoted at the event and will be staged between 3 pm to 4 pm on all days.

Visitor Profile
* Doctors/ Specialists
* Hospital Managers and HODs
* Medical Directors
* Diagnostic Centers
* Biomedical Engineers
* Health Care Services
* Investors for Health Care Industry
* Healthcare Services
* Investors for Healthcare Industry
* Medical Professionals
* Medical Research Institutes
* Diagnostic Centers
* Clinical Laboratories
* Rehabilitation Organisations
* lCare Services & Self-help groups

HealthcareWorld 2010 promises to be a “Happening” conference and i hope to see a lot of “Bright ideas” there.

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Fighting Swine Flu in India

188px-India_(orthographic_projection).svgImage by drneelesh via Flickr

On 14 th august, Friday night, after facing flake for the past two weeks on the bungled handling of Swine Flu epidemic in India, the government has come up with a better set of guidelines.The new guidelines allow ALL doctors to treat for Swine Flu (earlier only designated hospitals and doctors could treat Swine flu!!)The guidelines were finalized after a five-hour meeting chaired by Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.

The patients have been categorized as follows:

* Category A: Patients with mild fever plus cough/sore throat with or without body ache, headache, diarrhoea and vomiting. They do not require Oseltamivir and should be treated for the symptoms mentioned above. The patients should be monitored for their progress and reassessed after 24 to 48 hours by the doctor. No testing of the patient for H1N1 is required. Patients should confine themselves at home and avoid mixing with the public and high risk members in the family.( I agree with this)

* Category B: (i) In addition to all the signs and symptoms of Category A, if the patient has high grade fever and severe sore throat, he/she may require home isolation and Oseltamivir; (ii) In addition to all the signs and symptoms of Category A, individuals having one or more of the following high risk conditions shall be treated with Oseltamivir: children under five, pregnant women, those above 65 years, those with lung diseases, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, blood disorders, diabetes, neurological disorders, cancer and HIV/AIDS; Patients on long term cortisone therapy. No H1N1 tests are required for Category-B (i) and (ii). Such patients should confine themselves at home and avoid mixing with the public and high-risk members in the family.( I think all such cases be tested for H1N1, and antiviral therapy started without delay)

* Category C: In addition to the symptoms of Categories A and B, if the patient has one or more of the following: breathlessness, chest pain, drowsiness, fall in blood pressure, sputum mixed with blood, bluish discolouration of nails; irritability among small children, refusal to accept feed; worsening of underlying chronic conditions. Such patients require testing, immediate hospitalisation and treatment.( All such patients should be started on antivirals without even waiting for test results!!, its already late!!)

During the meeting, various guidelines and protocols developed by the World Health Organisation, Geneva, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Atlanta, United States, and the National Health Service, United Kingdom, were also discussed.The death toll has already reached 26 today, and is rising exponentially. Hope these guidelines help, but i really think its too little too late.

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Cover yourself up !!

The Swine flu death toll in India has risen to 20 in two weeks. The disease is especially partial to young kids, girls and elderly persons with co-existing chronic disease. Many of the victims are either foreign residents or tourists, which points to another easily demarcated section of population.

Mark IV Medical communications is a Coimbatore based multimedia and medical animation company with offices in USA and Germany. Most of the creative staff at Mark IV is young, with many female content developers. A large part of their clientele is situated abroad; therefore regular contact with foreign returned persons cannot be avoided. To solve its particular position, Mark IV has come out with a well thought out and inked action plan.

Company policy and guidelines-
* Use Soap and water to wash hands a few times every day (soap bottles provided)

* Anyone with symptoms of flu/headache/fever for consecutive 12 hours should use a face-mask (available with administrator). Isolation and proper rehydration is all that is required in a number of cases.

* Any employee experiencing flu/flu like symptoms should avail leave for 3 days/till the symptoms improve.

* Under direction of Dr.Neelesh, any suspected case shall be provided face masks, immediate symptomatic care and antivirals (Zanamivir).

* Case confirmation and furthur management shall be done at Govt. designated Hospitals.

“At MarkIV, we have an adequate stock of facemasks, anti-allergics and anti-viral medications. We are in a position to handle any acute emergency involving Swine flu infection. All suspected cases shall be sent to government designated hospitals for full treatment”says Dr.Neelesh from Mark IV Medical Communications. MarkIV has also produced a few short presentations and videos on Swine Flu for dissemination of general awareness.

Prevention of Swine flu- Guidelines

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Also added is a podcast interview-

Tadataka Yamada, M.D. explains the national and international availability of swine flu vaccine is hampered by several barriers.

Swine flu vaccine. C;liock to listen within the page.

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Top 9 e-quipped Hospitals in India


The Cybermetrics Lab recently published their world ranking of hospitals, taking into account the instituion”s activities in field of e-knowledge and their use of digital media for communications.

Supporting Open Access initiatives, electronic access to scientific publications and to other academic material are our primary targets…The Web covers not only only formal (e-journals, repositories) but also informal scholarly communication.

The Web indicators measure electronic contents, especially those used for scholarly communication, but also basic information about the hospital, its organization, services and personnel. The rank takes into account both the volume of information published and the impact or visibility of such contents measured by the number of external links the web pages receive from others. As expected, about 45 % of top 200 and 38% of top 1000 hospitals are situated in North America.

The Laparoscopy hospital at N.Delhi is the only Indian hospital to figure in the top 100 hospitals from Asia ( 47/100, Asia), and also the only Indian hospital in top 500 worldwide. Amongst the others, Sir Gangaram hospital scores much better than Apollo and Tata Memorial.

L.R.S Institute of Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases records a very enviable world rank of 19, in number of papers and citations visible on Google Scholar., a noteworthy list headed by The Institute of Cancer Research, London.
Below is the list of 9 hospitals from India in the first 2000 worldwide , and their world rankings ( as per Cybermetrics Lab).



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