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Minimizing Legal Risk in Using Online media

1. Are you violating anyone’s copyright? Common situations in which fair use may be found include criticism, education and parody.
2. Are you violating anyone’s trademark rights? There may also be potential liability if the owner can establish that your conduct diluted the strength/value of the owner’s trademark.
3. Are you invading anyone’s personal privacy?
4. Are you breaching any confidentiality agreements or professional obligations? Lawyers, doctors, advisers and others in businesses in which they receive client/patient confidences must make sure they maintain such confidentiality. Possible sanctions may include termination of employment, loss of professional license, potential significant civil liability (such as in the context of trade secret dissemination), or even criminal liability.
5. Are you defaming anyone? Truth is, of course, a complete defense to such a claim.
6. Are you running afoul of advertising restrictions?
7. Are you violating applicable regulatory requirements? If your business is in a heavily regulated industry, be mindful of violating applicable proscriptions.
8. Have you made promises to others on your page? If you make representations or promises to others on your page, make sure you keep them, to avoid potential liability for claims such as misrepresentation or breach of contract.
9. Have you read and do you understand the social networking site’s terms/conditions of use?.
10. Have you incorporated qualified language and appropriate disclaimers?
11. Are you regularly monitoring your page/profile?
12. Have you checked your insurance policies? Review your insurance policies to determine if the types of potential risks described in this article are covered.

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If Not an iPad, Then What ?

It illustrates the introduction of the iPad and how many devices in different markets are now finding themselves in direction competion to the power of the iPad and the Apps Store.
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What is Next Generation Publishing?

What is the future of the publishing industry in this networked world of information creators and consumers?

Henri Van Engelen, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Belgium, talks about the changes in the publishing industry brought about by the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies.

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Promotional mix for Pharma medcom


One role of pharmaceutical research companies is to provide information about their medicines to health care professionals. This interaction between pharmaceutical representatives and health care professionals is often referred to as “marketing and promotion.”A number of tools and media are available for marketing communications in pharmaceuticals. Many avenues like detailing and samples have been overused and scant attention paid to other equally, if not more effective avenues.

Detail aids and materials – Traditionally, detailing via sales representatives has been the most often used avenue for medical communication. Nowadays, with increasing difficulty in arranging a face-to-face meetings with doctors, many companies are looking at using e-detailing in place of live detailing through sales rep. This is because a shift to e-detailing erases all logistics problems associated with physical presence of a sales rep at the doctor’s clinic, fully armed with a large number of visual aids.

Samples – This is a very important and often frowned upon tool. Samples are effective ways of demonstrating a drugs’ effectiveness and its importance cannot be underestimated.

Speaker programs – Though such speaker programs can be arranged through a live speaker program or technologically enabled via web casts, studies have shown more effectiveness for live speaker programs.

Journal advertising and Medical publications – An ethical dilemma to many. I shall comment more on this in one of my later posts.

Medical education and Patient education programs

DTC advertisingWith about 18 to 20 % of Indian drug market consisting of OTC (Over-the-counter) drugs, its a mystery what is being done in this arena. A few new advertisements on television do bring about a whiff of change, though.
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Scientic animations awards ceremony, China

The 1st Annual International Science Animation Awards being held August 8th 2009 in Guiyang China

Deadline for DVD submissions to “Sci-An” Awards is July 15th 2009

Guiyang, China (PRWEB) June 17, 2009 — Honoring the works of visual wonder that depict what science perceives beyond our eyes, The 1st Annual International Science Animation Awards (ISAA) are being presented in Guiyang, China August 8th 2009.

The ISAA “Sci-An” will be awarded for 2D and 3D works that demonstrate both the highest achievements in scientific and medical communication and superb attention to aesthetic, creative and technical presentation

” This is an industry that will grow exponentially with the compounding demands from various science sectors in the years ahead “

This year marks the first in what will be an annual juried salon, bringing together in China the work of scientific animators from around the world. Professional and student work is welcome, and will be judged separately.

The event will include presentations and panels with industry leaders from across Asia, the United States and Europe.

The two judging categories are commercial and educational, in short form of under three minutes’ run time. Long form work and compilations from longer projects may be entered and will be evaluated separately.

“The need for recognition in this dynamic emerging field has grown to the point of launching this inaugural event” said founding co-chairman, Sander Johnson, who with founding co-chair, David Bolinsky initiated the concept for this international forum at last year’s Guiyang Animation Festival, in Guiyang, China. That festival is the launch for this year’s Sci-An Awards, which will next year become an independent event.

“Hosting this unique forum and awards ceremony in China truly invites pan-Asian and East-West interaction with leaders in the industries and major universities” said Bolinsky, a leading American creator of 3D scientific animation for Harvard University Medical, the Smithsonian, most major pharmaceutical companies, NOVA and additional broadcast clients. “And it promotes further advances in these various industries of science and animation”.

ISAA General Secretary, Liuyi Wang, founding Director of China’s Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest sees great benefit in highlighting achievements in these advanced new fields of science animation as 21st Century career paths for talented young computer animators. “This is an industry that will grow exponentially with the compounding demands from various science sectors in the years ahead” said Wang.

ISAA “Sci-An” Awards will be given to first, second and third place, plus awards of merit and best in show. The judges this year will include David Bolinsky, XVIVO Scientific Animation Partner; Jane Hurd, Hurd Studios Founder; and Elizabeth Rega, chief anatomical consultant Walt Disney Feature Animation and SONY Pictures Imageworks, with prominent Asia judges to be announced soon.

Deadline for submission is July 15th 2009 and entries cannot be returned.

In welcoming all applications; there are no entry fees required with submissions.

Applications can be downloaded from

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Medical Animation- How is it Used ?


A short gif animationImage via Wikipedia
Medicine is a very visual science requiring a lot of imagination of processes taking place at cellular and sub cellular levels. Almost none of the disease processes currently understood can be seen. Even something as simple as a Flu infection(influenza virus) has to be imagined to be understood, forget opaque diseases like Danubian endemic familial nephropathy. Animation helps in simplifying the process for a large number of visual learners.

A few other uses of Medical animations ( besides medical education) include-
  • Medical field related Web sites,
  • Sales Training,
  • Patient Education,
  • Slide Kits and Presentations,
  • Multimedia Posters/Abstracts,
  • Health promotion,
  • Advertising and traditional marketing,
  • Trade shows and Symposium,
  • Multimedia journals,
  • Online social marketing, etc.
I use Medical animations frequently and am always on the lookout for interesting and original Medical animation sites. There are many animation sites out there but very few achieve the required levels of professionalism and accuracy. I have prepared this slide-kit to showcase a few of such sites. This list is by no way exhaustive but only a limited view of this field. To keep the list short and interesting, i had to fore go a few websites. Kindly pardon me if i missed yours.

You could add other such interesting sites as comments at the end of this post.

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– Podcasting from Yale medical library-

Yale medical library published an interesting study-cum-project-cum-guide for use of screencasts and podcasts by medical learners.

The study finds many more off-campus users of the medical podcasts and videos than on-campus users. Not surprisingly, the cost benefits were very obvious. What i found particularly arresting was the suggestion of using only 1 to 3 minute long videos for teaching purposes. I would have thought that Ten minute videos would prove very effective. But apparently, yale students have difficulty viewing high quality content for more than a couple of minutes!!

See this slideshow for the complete report.

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