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New EMR for the iPad

Nimble, a new comprehensive EMR application designed and developed specifically for the iPad, hit the market Tuesday with the aim of allowing docs to provide meaningful care – at the point of care.

St. Louis, Mo.-based ClearPractice, a provider of web-based electronic medical record and revenue cycle management software for ambulatory care physicians, worked with Apple to optimize the app’s interface “to create a new user experience for docs,” said ClearPractice President Joel Andersen.

Company officials tout Nimble as the first comprehensive EMR solution developed in iOS to run natively on the iPad. The product connects either through WiFi or 3G to the ClearPractice cloud so no data is stored on the device making it secure and HIPAA compliant.

Company officials said the goal of Nimble is to break down workflow burdens for doctors by providing them with technology that is lightweight, has a long battery life (10 hours) and doesn’t need to be rebooted.


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UK Med School Students Get a New Prescription: iPhones


The University of Leeds announced it will be issuing iPhones to all fourth- and fifth-year medical students. The always-connected nature of smartphones coupled with the burgeoning app marketplace has made smartphones an increasingly attractive learning tool.

According to the university, this is the first time a UK medical school has issued smartphones to its students. The 520 students in the medical program will each be loaned a 16GB iPhone 3GS for the remainder of their education.

The phones will be pre-loaded with apps and textbooks designed to keep students informed, help them take notes and test their knowledge. Students will also be able to download any other apps from the App Store.

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iPad app For Healthy Mealers to Go for


GoMeals allows you to search thousands of foods and dishes from popular restaurants, grocery stores and the items you have in your own kitchen to easily see the nutritional value (i.e. calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc.) of the foods you eat

– Over 20,000 restaurant menu items from 200+ chains
– Over 25,000 common and branded grocery food items
– Search for restaurants within 10 miles of your location
– Track your meals each day to monitor your nutritional intake

That’s what i call a blockbuster app.

Good show , Sanofi !

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An app for Psoriasis Management

Janssen-Cilag psoriasis iPhone app

Janssen-Cilag UK has unveiled the first psoriasis iPhone app – a disease calculator for healthcare professionals treating the chronic skin condition.

It is the pharma company’s first foray into addressing the opportunity presented by Apple’s iPhone and was produced by Manchester-based agency Creative Lynx.

The CL PASI Calculator can be used to determine how severely a patient has been affected and is based on the Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI).

Janssen’s app offers clinicians a step-by-step process to do this, whereby they assign a percentage to the extent the disease has affected different regions of the body, and then grade the lesions seen there – based on their similarity to a series images.


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How scientific data is attributed in the current environment.


Attribution of re-used data

We manually reviewed 500 papers published between 2000 and 2010 across six journals; of the 198 papers that reused datasets, only 14% reported a unique dataset identifier in their dataset attribution, and a partially-overlapping 12% mentioned the author name and repository name. 

Thats Poor.

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eBook reader for Rs. 6000 /- only

Wink e-reader promoted by EC Media International and DC books launched its e-book reader ‘Wink XTS’ in the Indian market priced at Rs. 11,490, in competition with global giants like Amazon and Apple. The company is also planning to introduce a series of models at various price points from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 15,000

The company, which is sourcing the devices from China, is eyeing a sales of 50,000 units in the first year of operation.

Wink plans to launch eBook reader for Rs. 6000

“Though the market now is niche, but there is a growing demand for e-book readers. We expect to sell about 50,000 devices in the first year across enterprises and consumer segment,” EC Media COO Pradeep Palazhi told PTI.

For enterprises, the e-reader can work as a document viewer. The multi-functional device has a six-inch screen and allows supports upto fifteen Indian languages

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Google Health Redesigned and Relaunched

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Two and a half years after its launch, Google Health has unveiled a “top-to-bottom” redesign – with a new focus on attracting a users who want to “actively manage their health and wellness.”

The revamped personal health record (PHR), which went live Wednesday morning, is still a place where one can aggregate and organize all of one’s health information – medical records, prescriptions, immunizations, conditions. But “in the last several months we’ve stepped back to say, ‘what can we do that’s more than just this notion of a personal health record?'” says Aaron Brown, senior product manager at Google.

Lots of new functions, customization and interactivity added

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